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Branch SustainabilityUpdated 2 years ago

We always appreciate a conscious consumer and hope Branch can help! The furniture industry traditionally ignores its impact on the environment and that is why we strive to do what we can where we can to help.

1) No Fast Furniture: Our office furniture is modular and built to last in addition to our industry-leading Branch Warranty. If something breaks, don’t throw it away: we’ll send you a replacement part.
2) Recycled (And Recyclable) Materials: We’ve committed to ensuring that all our office seating products are made from at least 60% recycled material, and at least 90% of the materials in our seating are recyclable after use. By 2022, we hope the same will be true of our desks.
3) Flexible Trade-In: 91% of office furniture ends up landfilled after a company is done with its lease. Our Branch Flex program lets our corporate clients request retrieval of their used Branch furniture free of charge, so we can give it another shot at life. They save time and money on disposal and get credit towards their next purchase, while we refurbish and resell at the same price as fast furniture.
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