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How can I make sure the color depicted in your photos is true to life?Updated 2 years ago

The photos on our website are taken by professional photographers under lighting conditions that are typical in a residential space. We strive to accurately show the finish, color, and texture of our products as best we can. 

But it's important to note that depending on the display quality of your monitor or printer, the depicted color can vary based on the different settings. There are also naturally occurring differences in some of the materials we use, including fabric, wood finishes and frame colors. For this reason, the product you receive may not be an exact match to the photo displayed due to natural variability in these raw materials.

To get an even better sense of product colors in a range of lighting conditions and settings, we recommend checking out our Instagram page to see how our products look in real world environments beyond our ecommerce site. We also offer Augmented Reality (AR) models for select products that can help you visualize how a particular fit and finish fits with your space. 

If we can be of assistance in selecting the right furniture for your situation (style, dimensions, color, fabric swatches, etc.) get in touch with our Support Team and we'd be happy to help!

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